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RF Contrage

This new technology and the use of radio frequency energy tolerable pain, skin provides excellent heat and immediately began to smooth and tighten the skin. With suitable heat generation and use of centralized energy the first treatment, your skin will feel firmer and smoother.

RF Conterage does not use radiation treatment involves heating the tissue just under the skin, leading to regeneration of collagen, resulting in skin firmness and consistency and improves skin texture. This technology, face, neck, arms and abdomen gently and effectively treat and the perfect solution to treat cellulite.


What results can be achieved by ContrÂge™ RF?

  • Tightens the flaccidity of facial, body and hand
  • Reaffirms the neck, neckline, and han

What are the advantages of the RF Conterage

It is a Multi-application platform, that is totally compatible with other aesthetic techniques to optimize the results.


Aids after cosmetic and plastic surgery

  • Enhances tissue regeneration
  • Improves the results after surgical procedures such as liposuction, facelift, or abdominoplasty and many others.
  • Reduces post-surgical discomfort
  • Anti-inflammatory and antiedematous effect
  • Improves microcirculation, and wound healing
  • Reduces scars and fibromas