Mole Removal

Many people prefer all their skin blemishes or moles to be removed or not. And with a smooth skin and impeccable self-confidence and become more beautiful. Most people are willing to take the suit, but because of fear of being next to skin problems would not remove the mole. You can consult with dermatologists in clinics White House meeting with the knowledge and confidence to do it right.

برداشتن خال

How to remove the moles?

Types and causes of their skin blemishes can determine how to remove them. Doctors usually try to surgically remove congenital nevi. Because the depth of the laser spot is large and can not do anything for their removal but minor patches will not need surgery and lasers or cautery (burning) of moles, can be a good way to destroy them. Skilled and experienced professionals in the clinic skin white house with scrutiny and use different methods will recommend the most appropriate way.

To be or not to be a mole?!

Patches are numerous types of moles are just one of them. Brown spots on the wrists, backs of hands, forearms and appearance are often the result of aging, and some wart waste that can not be seen on the face and body as a tattoo introduced. Age spots are not dangerous but it is better for people to recognize these types of spots during their dermatologist to gain more confidence about your health.

برداشتن خال

What are the side effects?

Mole removal scar on the neck and chest, the possibility of leaving (the so-called extra meat) that if done by a physician, it will be much less likely. Usually after surgery or laser tattoo removal is a red spot at the site will be completely disappears with time. In the case of the non-expert mole surgery, the possibility of leaving work or buried in place. Other complications, recurrence spots that need to be re-taken.