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Hair removal laser

Hair removal laser is the process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicles. In this technique, a concentrated beam of light aims at the hair. By each “shot” of the device, the light will be absorbed by the hair’s pigments, which damages the ‘hair producing follicle’, leading to long term delay or permanent inhibition in the future growth of that hair. Over the course of several sessions, as most follicles in the treatment area are destroyed, that area will stay free of hairs. Lasers can remove hair from anywhere of the body from several months to years. Still the results vary widely in different people and areas of the body.

This technique has been approved and commercially available since 1990. However, its safety and full effectiveness relies on the quality of the equipment, and the experience and expertise of the technicians. Therefore, here in the white complex clinic, we provide a safe and effective service that promises anyone to stay permanently free from any unwanted hair anywhere in the body. For this, we use the most two devices available in the market, namely:

– Alexandrite Candela

– Vectus Diode laser


What are the benefits of Hair removal laser?

  • Considering the lifetime effect, it is a low cost treatment
  • The results are permanent hair free skin
  • Can be done for any part of the body
  • There is no gender or skin type limit for using this technique
  • It is an Invasive treatment
  • No side-effect has been reported

How long is the treatment with Hair removal laser?

The period of each session and the number of them depends on the area of the body, the skin type, the hair color, and also the stage of the hair growth cycle that you’re in. Normally, most people need 6-8 sessions per area for best results, with an interval of 4-5 weeks.

White House is the largest hair removal company in Iran with thousands of happy clients. We invite you to come and try a free test session and consultation and decide for yourself if you want to continue your therapy or not.

What should be done before or after the treatment with Hair removal laser?

We recommend you to shave the area with normal blades instead of any waxing or long-term hair removal products 1 or 2 months before the start of the treatment. This will synchronize the stage of the growth cycle in all the hairs and make the treatment easier. Also, sun tanning should be avoided around 2 months before and after the laser. Sun tan before the hair removal laser, will reduce the contrast between the hair pigment and the skin, which decrease the effectiveness of the treatment; and also since the skin’s melatonin is over activated, the laser can cause skin burn.