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Eyebrow restoration

Eyebrow restoration is an excellent way to replace eyebrows or touch up small areas of eyebrow hair loss that result from over-plucking, scars, or genetic causes.

It is not makeup or tattooing. Eyebrow restoration uses the same technique as in a hair transplant procedure, where a small amount of hair from the skull would be transplanted to the eyebrow region. The transplanted hairs in the eyebrow are ones own naturally growing hair and will need normal daily care of the eyebrow, and can be even dyed. In many cases, the end results look more beautifully-shaped and contoured than that which you were born with.

For this procedure, first we have to find the reason of eyebrow falling out, because even the transplanted eyebrows would fall out if there is another reason this. After the treatment of the cause, we can perform the eyebrow transplant.

Sometimes, a person has a normal amount of eyebrow, but she/he is not happy with the shape and style of it. In that case this technique might work for them, however we recommend avoiding this procedure for the beauty reasons when the eyebrow is totally healthy.

How is the eyebrow transplantation procedure

Eyebrow restoration uses the same technique as in a hair transplant procedure. Single follicles will be extracted from the donor area, which mostly is from the skull and above the ears. And then each follicle will be placed into an incision prepared for it in the eyebrow area. The use of single hair, or micrograft, permits meticulous adherence to the eyebrow contour for a natural appearance.

This is a minimally invasive micro-surgical procedure, and only need local anesthesia. The method is soft and non-disturbing that you might even fall asleep during the surgery and even painkillers is not needed after the procedure.

The procedure mostly requires only one session, and it typically takes only 2-3 hours.