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SPM (suction pump massage)

All women like to have firm and beautiful breast, which is not the case in most of the time. Breast softening and losing shape is the natural process of the aging, which occur from early middle-ages. Beside the age other factors can promote this process, such as pregnancy, breast feeding, sudden and intense lose of gain of weight and many others. Breasts do not have muscle, they are made of fat, connective tissue and milk glands; therefore they need extra and correct care to stay firm and beautiful. Here in White complex clinic we recommend the SPM device.

SPM is a safe and proven treatment method, which is a combination of relaxing massage and cupping. In this technique, the cups are simply placed on the breasts and connected to the digital control unit. The table appliance then automatically controls the pressure in the breast cups. Negative and positive pressure are applied alternately to breast tissue, leading to stimulation in the circulation and lymph flow in this area. The metabolism of the connective tissue cells of the breast is also activated so that the enzymes produce more collagen and elastin. These substances give the breast tissue more elasticity, more tone and more support. All these results the breasts to become firmer, rounded, and more lifted. Special attachments of different sizes as well as adjustable pressure levels enable different treatment methods for different types of breasts.

How long is the treatment with SPM?

The treatment is easy to carry out and takes only about 30 minutes during which time you can lie back and relax. We recommend 20 sessions of treatment, 2 to 3 times per week. Also, only one session per month after the treatment ends, will ensure the better resistance in the achieved results in long term.