Using the most complete and recent devices in White Complex clinic, our dermatologist provide the best therapeutical and aesthetic services for your skin and hair.

Skin Treatments


The dermatologist in White Complex clinic, using the latest methods can transplant permanent and natural hairs, in the needing areas such as head, eyebrow, and eyelash.

Hair Treatment


The complete and recent body shaping devices, and the fitness room of White Complex has enabled our nutritionist to provide the best weight loss and body shaping programs for one’s need.

Body Slimming


The White Complex clinic is one of the first licensed clinics in Iran equipped with the laser skin treatment techniques. In the 15 years of activity, this clinic with the most complete equipments and the best techniques available in the glob, together with the best doctors and trained technicians, has gained a huge amount of success in fields of skin and hair treatment, and also the body shaping. Our doctors and technicians are all interested in learning and improving their techniques and knowledge to be able to provide the best service to our clients, which itself could be one of the most important reasons of our success.